Tuesday, December 30, 2008


"ah, the LA weather never fails to make me happy".
However, I am still encountering major jetlags ); I didn't fall asleep till 5am yesterday... & here I am again, fully awake. I finished unpacking but there are still tons & tons of stuff to do like: wash my sheets, do some laundry, get a car wash (oh btw, i got my dads toyota camry) ! oh, which I will later upload pictures of. & I can't believe i'm saying this but i'm in love with it! Even if its leased for a few years, it still looks brand-new. Now I gotta practice parking at school cohs this thing is a monster. Well, where was I.... Oh yeah! gotta do a whole bunch of make-up work, & most importantly: the must hangouts with my bestfriends. I miss you all so much )= It's a good thing I can drive now so transportation is not a problem! Okay, it's time for me to force myself to sleep.... again );

goodnight loves!