Friday, November 7, 2008

"WOOHOO" + "aww, man.."

Hello everybody(: It's been a few days since I've last been here.. been so busy lately with school & ........ school! -_- So as you can tell from my title of my blog, it's consisted with positives and negatives.. I guess i'll start with the positives!
- I get to renew my cellphone plan this month
- I'm going to work hard on my upcoming debate on vegetarianism! "WOOHOO!"
- I can't wait until december 15 (license test, hopefully)
- Along wtih that, my dream car.
- This beeeeautiful 4 day weekend

okay, so here comes the negatives... be ready!
- Work harder in math & apes
- Eat healthier (musssst)
- And dont overeat -_- ! (ok, this is a definite mussst)
- Facial this saturday
- Eating daily medicines, supplements, & vitamins.. yuck!
- putting up with my mom's crazy moodswings "awwmann" -_-
- ** waiting for approval letters in mail/internet** (these are the worrrrst! they make me worry aaall day everrrrryday)

well, thats what my lifes been about lately..
I just wish this first semester would end already, I want to PLAY!

NOTE TO SELF: neeeed to call family & schedule a dinner for catch-ups. Also, call all relatives as soon as possible. OH & dont over indulge in sweets anymore... ): i'm getting some unecessary excess chubbs..