Monday, November 17, 2008

This crazy stinked up wildfire experience!

man. my weekend was crazy.. i spent the whole saturday watching the news just to make sure the fire doesn't get any closer to diamond bar. Unfortunately, one of my friends called me sunday morning around 5:30AM to warn me that the fire reached to the country estates. i freaked out so i woke my mom up and she got pissed at me for waking her up so early in the morning. so instead, i went downstairs to watch the news by myself. the newsreports didn't say anything about diamond bar yet so i was somewhat a little bit relieved. So i crawled back into bed to enjoy whatevers left of my rest. lateron, it was around 9:00AM when i heard the police officers announce this unwanted call. "PEOPLE WHO LIVE ON CHIRPING SPARROW RD EVACUATE IMMEDIATLY" i jumped outta bed and woke my mom up again. She then again, yelled at me for waking her up so early. So i decided to just start packing and preparing. THEN my sister and my mom finally wokeup to get ready to gather their things together & i began to put my bags in the car. Officers began to pull up to houses and a lady officer went up to me and said, "You know whats happening right? evacuate in 5 mintues!" I panicked like a crazy person and went up and down my house. ); then my mom gathered her stuff and we left my house but then we went back to get my mom's blankets and pillows. then we finally got out of our house. Little did we know, we couldn't get back to our house after we left! because we forgot our important stuff aka.. passports and all that shenanigans. BOY that morning till afternoon was so wreckless. So we headed off to walnut to grab some breakfast since that was the least we could do at the moment. we began to receive all these calls from our families & friends and i just wanted to let you guys know that i'm so thankful and touched to have made a phonecall to us. It really meant a lot and i really do appreciate your concerns and offers. So after breakfast, we headed back to diamond bar just to check out what the heck was going on. I SWEAR we went back from walnut, hacienda heights, colima to diamond bar sooooo many times today. probably about 6, I'm guessing. Well anyways, as time passed by, I began to get sleepy so we stopped off my mom's friends house to rest for a little bit and to watch some news. After I woke up it was around 6pm and we headed to get some massages then went to eat some dinner. I swear, traffic was crazy though, and the air just made it worse. I was out that whole day non-stop. mmm, well okay to conclude all this off, after dinner we headed back to our house just to see whats going on and then we saw all the freeways re-opening so we were guessing that it's okay to go back home. so we drove back and not suprisingly, the police officers were sitting there right infront of the exits of my community. so we decided to u-turn and when we got to the exit again, the police were gone! my mom immediatly went back to the house. and here i am now, typing this blog about my hectic day. yeeeeeeep. But the most important thing is that all the houses here are fine the way it was this morning. It's just a little bit creepy cohs the streets are SO quiet. except for some occasional police cars driving up here and there my streets but other than that.. the houses look completely silent to the point where there is NO NOISE whatsover. well, i'm just glad nothing bad happened to any diamond bar houses.. and I can't thank God enough for helping my family get through such a depressing yet crazy-filled day. okay well i think i overwrote my blog here so i'll stop now. But before I leave, I just wanted to add in that..... this experience will definitly be told to my children and grandchildren of the future! hahaaaa