Wednesday, November 12, 2008

c'mon, now.

okay, so forgive my pessimistic mood the other day about my depressing blog.. this one will be much more bubbly. I promise. OKAY! so first things first, I just wanted to thank a special friend of mine who helped me get through such a mournful phase that I always had to go through. Your really one of a kind girl and I just wanted to say thanks for uplifting my weekend. Your the best! mm okay, well.. this weekend was really somethin. I'll say.. it's kindof neutral. It wasn't tooo exciting.. however it wasn't all that boring either so it's kinda.. lovely, i must say :) So yesterday, I had a great night from spending time with my mom's friends little kids(: They truly are awfully cute. We went to watch the movie madagascar haha i know i know, wthell megan?! well EXCUSE ME but it was surely a cuteass movie for YER INFAMATION! well lets see, before we watched that movie we went to eat at banana bay. I love that resteraaaunt however I do hear some bad things about tha place. but whatever, its food is good. thats all that matters :) & those who are curious to what dish i order.. its the paadseeew! (seriously, thats how you say it) its some yummay stuff (: well.. I can't thank enough for this wonderful 4 day weekend sleep-in! Yes, that means sleeping in till 2pm.. mm.. life's good(: i'm all recharged for this upcoming week! okay so I should start researching about vegetariansm. See you all soon..

au revoiR!