Sunday, October 19, 2008

busy weekend

Hm, lets see.. this weekend was full of its busyness and procrastination but it was still nontheless lovely. Friday consumed of nothing but class. And saturday held its class & chores a little shoppin. Sunday had driving lessons and a painless facial! hmm.. well theeres not much to update but i'm just reallllly nervous about what i got on my apes test last week. I hope i didn't do too bad... ); well, nothing interesting happened lately except that i gotta do a few more things to get my body back into shape.

1. substitude my drinks with water
2. eat more during the day and less during night
3. continue working out
4. take daily vitamins & supplements (btw, i take A LOT. i feel like a druggie -_-) lol

well, theres that. i might update later so i'll head to bed.
reaaaaaaally sleepy, so goodnite & check back later (:


I helped make a flyer for my mom's shop.

You like? (;