Sunday, October 12, 2008

( ^ _ ^ )

I love my friends.

You guys truly are the best!

so! sorry for haven't put in this blog in enough detail for those who were curious to what this entry was about. So i'll gladly re-interpret what a wonderful saturday night it has been. So one of my bestfriends texted me that afternoon to ask if i was available for dinner that night. I nervously asked my mom if i could go and she said sure but she wanted me back by 9 -_- yeah, i got a little iffy about that but heck, i get to go out! so i gladly texted back and told her that i was able to go! after my class, i went over to my other friends house to get ready and then the 3 of us went to target to do a little shopping. So we stayed there for quite a while.. in my head i was thinking "when the heck are we gonna go eat? i'm so hungry!" but i didn't tell them what i was thinking because i thought it was rude :) SO i decided to hold on a little longer. LUCKILY after all the shopping, we went in the car & drove to a japanese resteraunt called "tokyo lobby" which was delish, i'd have to say :) So, we parked.. and got out of the car and into the resteraunt. The friendly employee asked us how many people that will be needed seating. HAHA and like any other asain, i stuck out 3 fingers.. showing (3 people) but right when i was doing that my friend grabbed my shoulders and just started walking in the resteraunt.. I was like.. "waitt, we gotta tell the person.........." OMG! right then and there I saw the rest of my friends laughing at the table waiting for me and my 2 friends. I had no idea they were going to pull off this cute sneaky little trick on me! And immedietly i said "you guys read my blog didn't you?!" ahhahaha they started laughing again (: well anyways.. that night was pretty fun. It was one of the most memorable nights i'd ever had & if it weren't for them, who knew what i'll do for my birthday get together. Those little sneaks (: But seriously, I couldn't thank them enough for putting together this great night. They truly ARE the best. And to those who are reading this that went, i'd just like to say "Thank you, for always making my wishes come true and always being there for me." seriously. I couldn't thank you guys enough (:

and this means, that somethings going to happen on you guys's birthday as well ;)
if you know what i meaaaaaaan
haha (:

P. P. S. while i was making my wish during dinner, it was pretty hard to think of one. Because they'd already made my wish come true (: But since i really had to make a wish.. i made a wish about stopping global warming. HAHA! ok anyways, i should hit to bed.

goodnight everybody<3