Tuesday, September 16, 2008

mello yellow

It's currently midnight right now & i'm listening to one of my favorite tracks; Sara Bareilles- Gravity. this song just never ever dies no matter how many times you listen to it; it just gets better & better. Now thats what I call music that is worth hearing. but anyways, remember when I said that I wouldn't write much of any blogs this month? Well, I realized that it wasn't much of a difference not writing because I still stay up really late thinking about all the various feelings that are trapped in my mind. But anywhoooo. I believe that it is apparent for me to just write when I feel like it.. or whenever I feel like it. Gosh, ok i'll stop. I dont want to continue writing a blog about writing a blog. you know what I mean? Anyways, lately i've been the usual busybody I am.. until i realized that I can not go on the day without taking at LEAST an hour nap. I dont know why, but I guess it's just that little part of me that believes daily napping is essential to life. SO many of you probably know where i'm going with this.. Yes, I have napped for 2 hours today ): However, I dont blame anybody though. other than the people who came up with fun internet websites who "believe" that making them would help connect the world; but they did not consider that people can get addicted to these type of pleasing webs. yeah, I am saying that without a blog, myspace, or facebook.. i'd probably get an 4.0 gpa. but nooooooooh, to my understanding, people who created these things just want to suck in poor students who happens to fall into the catagory of "procrastination". Its ridiculous I say, but I dont want to sound like a hypocrite. I, too, love internet. It's poison though.. so dont get too overboard with it. It does evil evil things. OH & also hurts your body. haha well anyways, this blog doesn't really mean much but my random rants about random things in the world(: I will be sleeping now. Goodnight and take care.

P.S. yellow had nothing to do with this blog, except that it was just the first thing that popped up in my head. I told you, random!