Monday, August 25, 2008

First day

Today was the first day of school as a senior; and geeeeeeez, the fact of being the oldest classman in school has not hit me.... yet. I know its normal to feel this way.. especially when we came back from summer vacation but I still don't know why I keep rejecting the fact that im a senior. Hm, possibly because... i'm just not mentally ready for studying my ass off again, or i'm just.... weird :) but whatever, today was pretty crazy. In a good way of course... kinda. But that's not significant. Oh, did I mention waking up late on the first day? Not 6:50, not 7:00 but 7:19 ! I immedietly thought of running towards the shower but I just remembered to get my school stuff ready. Yea, call me a slowpoke. i donnnnn care! (: Fortunately, I made it to school in time. with 5 minutes to spare; so I quickly walked towards the school's restroom to fix my makeup. So, that was my morning... let's talk about my classes. So first period, I had osajima. She's such a sweeeetheart! I can already tell that i'll be looking forward towards to my senior year. Second period, Gabel.. yeah, those of you who know.. experienced how an "awesome" class it is, haha but i'm really glad to have that class; why? OH, because my bfffffffl is in it! mmhm(= Third period kottke; he's kinda nice..... a little blunt, but nonetheless interesting. Fourth period Hwang; APES! I am so looking forward towards this class, not only is it my first AP class, but also because of the many friends I know in it. So I have to start gadging into my nerd mode (: how lovely. And finally, fifth period Gaxiola. I'm excited for this class as well, because my friend sylvia is in it! yeeeep and the many interesting friends i have in it too(: So there you go, my first day. hhaha yeah, i'll update more later this week so check back again!

so here are the lovely pictures that took place today: