Sunday, July 6, 2008


Servicing for the past 3 days really opened my eyes. I usually start off dreading it but I learned that helping people out makes me feel so much more accomplished. & that feeling, makes it worth while. Though i had to put off some days from doing homework, i would rather clean floors & chop up veggies than write essays + such any day. (=

I start to think about other majors i wanted to go for & not just look at business as a permanent option. Of course, fashion merchandising is indeed a priority.. but i was thinking of opening my own day care center for children. I love babies and taking care of them, so why not? i told my mom that but she said its a lot of work.. i dont know, i just feel so happy around children. & i want to take care of them.... whats so bad about that? well anyways, i should finish up some homework. this blog really wasn't much of a interesting one but im sure i'll post some more in the near future. Come back soon!

P.S: who wants to watch wall-e with me?
& the many other great movies out there
waiting to be watched (=