Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I've haven't done much of anything except sleep, eat, tv, swim, & my work. preeetty much it. Oh, and my mom forced me to start ACI again. shittt -_- i hate that place. but ohwell, if i get 1200+ on my SAT's then i dont have to go (= woooooooot! so anyways, jackie & her sister are coming over tommorow to swim at my house! & thursday i will be retaking my permit test(= Oh & im going to sandiego on friday! but only on friday.. so i'll only stay there for a day. but its ok. who wants to hangout saturday & sunday!! hollaaaaa at me(=

& why the hell is chris brown so effin hot! no reaaaaally. I WANNA GO TO HIS CONCERT SO BAD! anybody intrested to come with me & jodie? hahaha

OKAY i think im gonna start working out first thing tommorow morning
settin up my clock to 8AM to that morning jog! & maybe even some yoga!
i hope i dont get lazy & sleep in )=
but i know forsure that i will try to swim everday.