Tuesday, June 17, 2008


yes, it is in fact 2 AM in the morning. geeeeez who knew that studying for SAT would eat up all my time)= but, i guess its necessarily essential for any fellow student to complete it. ehhyuck, ok enough of that! lets talk about fun stuff.. like, how i found out that whenever people get scared, enlargement of eyes and opening of the mouth is automatically presented. & yes, here we go again.. another one of those scientifically proven analysis' (= you know you love em! hahaha so yeah, back to the face of fear explaination sesh, the reason why people enlarge their eyes when they get scared is cohs our body senses a need to intensely focus onto the object of horror. & yeah, there were many more explanatory assumptions reguarding different human's face expressions. but intaking in all the information and reflecting it onto here would take me forever to conclude. & if i did try approaching to explain it, it would be done um.. laaaaate late at night, or shall i say REALLY early mornin. so yeah, i'll pass(= but if still interested, yahoo provides an excellent article to further construe your curiosity! okay, its getting late now.. i should hit to bed, goodnight!