Wednesday, May 21, 2008

-20 ?

so, talk about freakin weather change?

started off at the 90s & then dropped down to the 70's.

u p d a t i n g

9:26 PM________
so right now, i can't wait till all of the construction is done with in my house. i smell paint 24/7 & its killing me )= and theres so many bugs in my house now since we have to leave our windows opened.. aahh, gotta endure one more week. so right now, i got senioritis.. i know, i feel like im graduating or something but i still have one year left of highschool. its scary how fast time flies.. yeah, its another one of those reminicial blogs -_- ! but i gotta vent on something (= aaaaaaah grades are sliding, lessons are getting harder, teachers getting stricter, reality is stepping in, i'm scuuuuuuuuuurd. well, i gotta go type up my gatsby essay. goodbye!