Saturday, March 29, 2008

i've come to realize

that i gotta stop doing what im doing right now
because its destroying my mind body & soul.
and i couldn't of opened my eyes without the most
important people in my lifes.

thanks jodie for talking to me & helping me through it all.
thanks stacy for keeping up late nights to comfort me.
thanks sylvia for comforting me in any way possible.
thanks ginger for just being there whenever i needed to talk.
thanks fiona for trying to help me get through it.
thanks connie for sitting next to me when i was sad.
thanks kristy for also sitting next to me when i was sad.

& to my family,
for always always always calling me
whenever i needed you.

& to others<3
for making me feel loved & wanted.

i cant ever thank you guys
for all the support and time
you've put on me.

& making me the luckiest person
ever to be on this world.