Monday, January 21, 2008

so far

my busybusybusy finals week was last week so i wasn't able to update this!)= but i pulled it all off with some good grades, yesssuh & i worked my ass off for it! yeah, it was hell but its all worth it in the long run.
fresh A's (= mmmmmmhm
well anyways, today was the end of a good 4 day weekend.
& i get to sleepin because its latestart tommorow! yeeee & well besides that, i watched like a bajillion episodes of hannah montanna-_- & even though her annoying accent drives me crazy i somehow still like watching it..... haha k

friday- end of finals, sadies! it was pretty okay but kinda brutal. they put gay songs)= so nabaaaady really danced but it was all fun before the dance though(= ate at the boat at life & cue. yeeeeeep everybody looked cute & fresh so it was good(=

saturday- did absolutely NOTHING. really...

sunday- played an hour of piano, exercised, & watched Alvin and the chipmunks with my family(=

monday- i was going to go to work with my mom but it was raining & i didn't feel like going out. soooo i stayed home with my sister and watched home movies. The Pink Panther is just soooo cute & funny & ... i just loved it(= you should watch it & beyonce is just so gorgeous in it!

well yeah, that was my 4 day weekend. OH & today is me & anthony's 8 month(= yeeeeep well school tommorow, so i should get myself ready & do a little yoga! im starting to like it too(=