Wednesday, December 12, 2007

my baaaaybee T_____________T

my baby snowball past away today )'= i know, wteff ! i came home & my sister tells me it had a seizure )= well.. i guess i know why it passed away. its crazy if you think about it but i really think its true. so today during lunch i ate a calzone. & it had meat in it. so i ripped it in a couple pieces and shared it with my friends. i didn't even eat that much from it. probably only like.. a size of a mini golfball. & what im trying to say is that bcohs i went against my religion, the big guy decided to take away my bunny )= HEY, dont laugh! but i think its true. i regret this sooooo bad. & no matter how many vegetables i eat from now on, i will still be a dissapointment to myself...

So all I can say is that she's
at a better place right now..

restinpeace snowball<3
i will always always always always love you..