Sunday, November 11, 2007

3 day weekend

friday: i stayed home and watched dramas ALL day long with my momma and sistaaa good type of bonding.

saturday: cousin took me out and we went to brea mall & shopped for like.. 4 hours? then took me home and then at 9ish jodie, stacy, and kevin came over to hang. then went to stacys and watched 1408. i didn't get ta finish it though! BOO)= its OKay! next time.

sunday: my sister had a stomach ache and it wouldn't go away so we went to the hospital and spent a good 6 HOURS there! geeeeez, im so tired right now. well, on the good side, shes all better.

monday: (has not occured) but i plan to get my nails redone with kelly and then tutors coming at 4pm. CRAM STUDY TIME! gotta get to work. then probably going to go to target later at night if its open to get more jeans. cohs winter is approaching. and its so damn cold!