Monday, October 22, 2007

sometimes in life

you dont get what you want..
somtimes in life
you didn't expect the worst to come..
sometimes in life
it feels like no one reached out & cared..
sometimes in life
all you ever wanted was just a simple & clean life

i want to strive and be brave.
i wont let anything bring me down..
even those that i love..
i just WONT
because i CAN
teach myself... whats right from wrong.
because you start to see
that not everybodys right..
then yyou start to see that
you just want to show people your side for once
then you start to show
who you really are..
then you become
the person you want to be.
and if you can't see that
then just leave me alone
because all i wanted in life was to
find myself
so go ahead and go your way
because you can't bring my true self down,
you cant take away my values
and replace them with yours
beacuse in the end...
all i end up with
is myself.
so just go your way
& i'll go mine.