Sunday, August 26, 2007


is like staying up late & sleeping in.
is like chilling all the missed dates back from the school year.
is like whatevr comfortable type days.
like staying up this late & thinking back to reality.
summer dreams are over & now we set new dreams.

well i can't wait for this year to start.
juniors is like getting stuff done & preparing for the new. & always keeping your step up ahead of others
you & i can do this.

so lately i've been working @ my moms store & its been a very difficult yet challenging experience. Did I mention getting lost on 11th street? yeea )= wasn't such a nice experience but overall, very adventerous.. kindof. Although I do enjoy the smiles of all kinds of people there. & even though the weather is hot and humid, they dont mind.. they just keep movin.
BUSINESS. all the great