Sunday, April 13, 2008

oh man oh maaan

spring breaks over.. & it was okay i guess.
at least i played friday!

*sigh.. i really should give you guys your space.
sorry for butting in & giving ya lectures
but i only said those things cause i was SO
worried about you guys.
you know i wouldn't want anything bad to happen
to you guys.. i just wanted whats best for you
& i know im probably acting like a mom
but what do you expect me to act like..
i haven't heared any detailed stuff from you in almost
a billion centuries.. hah, jk. but ya know what i mean.
but i realized, all i have to do is trust you.
& accept you for who you are, & not what you do.
so i just wanted to tell you
that i'll always be there for you
every day of my whole entire life